In The Early Days

Before our first internet cafe, Not Only Internet, is opened, we were a bunch of gamers. 

We went to each others home to play games, and always dreamed about having a place of our own just to play gamers.

It turns out to be a life long project.



In early 2000, we opened our first internet cafe, it’s on King St. Newtown, it had 20 seats, and it’s called it Not Only Internet.

Very soon, the business was running at its peak capacity, we started to realise the importance of a good gaming atmosphere and we needed a bigger place.

The hunting for our next shop began.


2001 - 02

In late 2001, we opened our second Internet cafe on Ultimo Rd. Haymarket, it had 50 seats, and it’s called Game Freaks.

Shortly after it’s opened, the business was running at its full capacity again, and we started to realise that our dream of building a business for gamers might come true.

We started to work on the areas that we thought needed more improvements, the ability to manage more games on our server, the security for each work station.

Since we are all about games and gamers, we started to use the name Cyber Cafe.



In late 2002, we found a place that is 4 times bigger than Game Freaks, it's big enough for 150 seats, which is 2 times larger than the largest Internet cafe of that time.

This time we knew we can build a real community business out of gaming, and we wanted to make it a chain. The name City Hunter Cyber Cafe is born, it's just such a cool name we all loved. 

The first City Hunter Cyber Cafe opened its door in November 2003 on Sussex St, Sydney


2004 - 05

One year later, the second City Hunter opened its door on George St, Haymarket.

It has a prime position which situated close to the largest transportation hub in Sydney, Central Station, it's in close proximity of Ultimo TAFE, University of Technology Sydney and also Sydney University.



The year 2006 was a busy year for City Hunter, as we opened another two new locations, Burwood and Bondi Junction.

The Burwood store is located right next to the train station and a minute walk from Westfield along Burwood's busiest street - Burwood Rd.

For Bondi Junction, City Hunter was located on the end of the promenade across the road from Westfield. Another major transportation hub to ensure our customers can get to us with ease.



Chatswood became City Hunter’s fifth location. Along the promenade, City Hunter Chatswood is directly opposite Westfield and is close to the train station and bus terminal.

It become one of the most popular places for youngsters instantly.


2009 - 10

After a decade of running Cyber Cafes, our I.T. team had grown considerably, At the very beginning, we had only a single part time staff member. Now, we have a full team, capable of handling more than 500 PCs. Our I.T. team then started to provide I.T. services to our business partners, and to built OEM gaming PCs, C-Machine, for our customers.

The most expensive one built is close to AUD $10,000. 



Our I.T. service and sales of gaming PCs continues to grow.

We were managing a total of 600+ PCs, 100+ servers, 20+ networks and 10+ businesses. We expanded our service offering to other small to medium businesses. It’s time for our I.T. team to branch out and provide I.T. services to both consumers and SMEs. We were excited.



We started to look for other means of growing our business, more importantly, the people who works in the business.

We have draft our franchise model, studied employee ownership program, talked to venture capital, we have learnt a lot, we also had a list things that are unique to our business that we need to work on before we can level up again. Business consolidation is on the horizon.



While we were consolidating our business, opportunity strikes.

WangYu, one of the internet cafe chains in China, was looking for partners in Australia. They want someone who can help them to bring their business into Australia.

We talked, and we connected, We believed by helping WangYu, we would lift what we can do for gamers in Australia. 

A joint venture is formed. A goal of bringing the next generation internet cafe experience is set, a plan of renovate City Hunter’s flagship shop, and make it double the size to 1,200 square metres is drawn.


2014 -2015

It’s been a couple of very busy years for City Hunter. WangYu opened its door in August 2014, it was a success.

More people spend more time on games than any other entertainment, especially PC gaming, we see a sizeable boost in terms of number of players and the overall size of the market.

People like to social, for gamers, we want to make sure there are no better places other than City Hunter, we have passion for games, and we want to be the place where gamers would feel like home. 



We are making a transformation to our flagship shop in Chatswood, we will bring something truly wonderful to the gaming community within the year.

( Keep watching this place.... )